Taking NationBuilder to the edge of organizing with MyActionCenter, part 2.

Delivering Quality Advanced Support Experiences.

Massive mobilization depends on how engaged and motivated your supporters are, and the level of these two aspects are directly related to the experience you, as organizers, design and make available for them to participate in.

The success of a supporter’s experience depends on the relationship that they are able to develop with the movement, and on how it satisfies and aligns personal and collective objectives of working together. 

Each supporter needs a tailored experience aligned with their interests and availability in order to create a personalized relationship with the organization.

Personalized automated provision of the different stages of the experience makes it significantly more likely to achieve effective relationships that inspire high levels of engagement and motivation, particularly when the movement, as intended, has a massive nature. 

Quality of experience is key as well. Supporters need to be consistently engaged in order to keep up the momentum of the movement. The exact level of difficulty that the challenge of the experience presents is crucial for that. Furthermore, supporters should never become bored--continuous variety and novelty are mandatory. Accordingly, the effectiveness of the experience relies completely on the ability and ingenuity of the organizers. 

Taking advantage of a diverse and rich set of powerful tools makes this considerably more feasible. Therefore, it’s much easier to tailor different paths of attractive challenges to better align with the supporter’s expectations. 


MyActionCenter®, working on top of the NationBuilder platform, covers all of these necessary areas to power up the chances of organizers’ success in delivering the most advanced and effective support experiences. By engaging supporters in this way, organizations can more easily achieve massive mobilization, support, impact, fundraising, offline/online activism, engagement, etc. It gives the organizers the needed technology to roll out an endless amount of different organizing initiatives.

To that end, the purpose of this blog post is to continue with the presentation of all the necessary elements the reader needs in order to see the big picture of possible support scenarios they can deploy. 

As we covered in part 1, the main aspect responsible for this huge field of possibilities is the considerable number of different actions types available to the organizers. But, what’s more, there is another specific feature of MyActionCenter that makes the possibilities explode with potential:

Actions and alerts have conditional visibility: 

  • It can be dependant on any of the user-specific data registered. 

  • It can be triggered by the user’s activity in a large number of different trackable events in NationBuilder, both inside and outside MyActionCenter’s space. 

This condition provides the organizer the capacities of:

  1. Personalizing the supporter’s experience. Different actions and alerts can be visible only for users that match specific conditions.
  2. Automatizing the supporter’s experience. Actions and alerts published can remain invisible until a trigger event takes place and is tracked in NationBuilder.
  3. Delivering a complete supporter’s experience in the whole NationBuilder Ecosystem of digital spaces (public sites, MyActionCenter, mail, social media, etc.). MyActionCenter completely integrates into the nation and shares the same data and user base as the rest of the tools. 


How does it work?

Well, it’s simple. Any action or alert that you publish in MyActionCenter must be tagged in order to be visible to the user. The specific users who are going to be able to see an action or an alert are those that have any of the tags that they have. Easy, right?

That means that users that receive a specific tag form a group of users that could potentially have access to specific actions and alerts published expressly for them in their app’s dashboard. 

In other words, organizers could set a special, really personalized support experience for them, and finely tune their organizing through MyActionCenter. 

The good news here is that NationBuilder is an awesome tagging machine. There are a lot of ways to receive tags as a user. Based on your activity, manually applied by an administrator, in a massive and automatized way, etc. Segmentation possibilities are really huge. 

Therefore, multiplying this fact for the MyActionCenter nature explained above makes it so the organization gets an endless spectrum of possible organizing strategies we mentioned.

And this is great, because it opens to you, as an organizer, a huge new level of advanced organizing activity possible through the use of advanced gamified support experiences.

Moving forward with this, let’s dive in a bit further into the specifics of what we have explained so far.

1.- If you complete an action in MyActionCenter you will receive at least one tag. This tag could make other actions and alerts visible to you, now or in the future. That gives us the potential of creating automated activism workflows. 

If you publish two actions, making one visible for everybody and the other only for people who have received the tag of the first one, that is to say, who have completed the first action, you’ll have created an automatized action flow. Users have to complete the first action in order to be able to complete the second one. 

Going beyond this simple case, organizers can roll out all the advanced and complex workflows they may need.

2.- You can massively apply tags to users that match the conditions of a filter you save in NationBuilder. This means that you can make an action or an alert visible whenever the user matches the filter conditions, which gives it the possibility of triggering a whole new part of the support experience. 

This way you can implement, for example, specific organizing for people from a specific location, or for those who have opened a particular emailing/texting campaign you developed, or for those who have interacted in any way with your facebook page, etc.

Saved filters also let you massively remove tags from specific users, which is great because it lets you unplug different parts of the experience for specific users as needed. For example, when it shows that the user has reached a specific activity level and you want to deactivate more basic actions for them.

3.- MyActionCenter works in weekly cycles. We give the users some time to complete actions and to achieve the weekly goal, but that doesn’t mean that the organizers have to limit their strategies. They can release actions whenever they want. In fact, it’s completely possible to publish permanent activism workflows that the supporters complete over a period of weeks.

This is really useful for setting up, for example, welcome actions and alerts for beginners, only available for new registered supporters, or for releasing multi-step video tutorials. The tool allows for the provision of growing donor paths that we always want present to encourage donations, or for fundraising, recruiting, social media activism, etc.

The great thing about permanent action & alerts flows is that you reinforce the whole experience and keep the activity and motivation consistently high in an automated way. This is especially useful for more quiet weeks in which the organizers don’t have a lot of activity to release.

In order to make this possible, we use NationBuilder “paths” to track the position of the supporter in the permanent flow throughout the weeks and “saved filters” to adjust the collection of tags that the supporters need to have in order to show them the correct actions and alerts every week, according to their progress in the flow.

4.- When a user registers with MyActionCenter, they can choose between different interests that the organizers set up for them during the rolling out of the app and receive a specific tag for each interest they select. 

These interests could be different ways that they can help the movement or different issues they are more interested in, goals they would like to achieve, groups they’d like to be part of, etc. - whatever segmentation that is more aligned with the organizer's objectives. The important thing here is that we also are able to give the users an explicit way to choose the starting support experience they prefer.

5.- Some actions can confer different tags to the supporters depending on what they do through it. For example, if you publish an action to complete a survey, each option of the survey gives you a specific tag. 

This means that the organizer can also use these types of actions as diversion points in the activism workflows implemented within the support experience - which allows them to access even more possibilities.

6.- There are a lot of different ways of receiving a tag as a user that interacts with any tool of the NationBuilder nation. Each of them counts in the same way for MyActionCenter. This lets you make available different parts of the experience from external digital resources enabling the possibility, as we said, of going beyond MyActionCenter in your organizing plans.

Signing a petition for example, in a public site of the same nation has the exact effect of doing it within MyActionCenter. As such, you can develop holistic support experiences reaching a bigger scope.

7.- Different nations can share tagging activity. Aligned with point 6, the field covered for the experience you can design could be immense.


With such a large set of different elements that the organizer can combine, you can extract enormous value from making it possible to refine the experience delivered for your supporters, therefore ensuring your organizing success.  MyActionCenter and NationBuilder provide this potential, but it takes a bit of work and learning to take the system to the max of its capabilities. Advanced experiences demand complex designing and have learning curves.

Luckily, MyActionCenter has two distinctive features that overcome those hurdles in an easy way:

  • You can start with simple releases and then grow from there. The experience delivered should be proposed as something alive. Its complexity, personalization and success should grow with the supporter’s use of the app and the knowledge we obtain from it.
  • You can count on our expert help and knowledge for designing and building the perfect support experience to deploy in your MyActionCenter

Success in digital organizing depends on the combination of the organizing technology you use and the way you use it. Namely, the final support experience you deliver. 

We provide powerful technology and a really wide set of useful tools. It's up to the organization to deploy different strategies through them to successfully engage, mobilize and impact rolling out situations that make supporters have stimulating experiences that make them grow in their commitment and their passion for the movement of your organization. 

Plus, you’ll never be alone - all our plans include some degree of strategic support and guidance. We always have the perfect solution for your specific case.

Starting with more affordable plans based on the correct launching of your MyActionCenter to more advanced partnerships where we put all of Tectonica’s expertise and digital organizing knowledge to build the perfect support experience through the app together, you can choose the plan that best meets your needs.


We invite you to schedule a personal meeting with Alonso, our product coordinator, to explore our different solutions. 

And lastly, again, we’d like to remind you that if you are a NationBuilder architect, you can ask for our special referral fees in case you think that MyActionCenter might be of interest to any of your clients.





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