Take NationBuilder to the next level: Chapter 1

Your Activism's digital headquarters.


MyActionCenter@ is a web app developed by Tectonica with the aim of extending the potential of NationBuilder and take movement building, supporters engagement and activation and the gamification of activism to the next level.


Tectonica has been a partner of NationBuilder for many years, helping organizations grow and reach their goals. In all this time we have learned a lot about our clients and their needs and we have become real experts in generating engagement, charging up activism, using technology to organize political and social mobilization, and enabling democracy through technology. From this experience we draw several interesting conclusions:

  • NationBuilder is great. For us it’s, without a doubt, the best platform to power your organizations, movements, and campaigns. It's impressive how you have absolutely everything you need to activate, grow and organize your networks of supporters, to organize political campaigns, activism, volunteering, fundraising; to develop powerful digital communication tools (websites, broadcasters, etc.) in one place. It's the ultimate tool for digital organizing and that is why we wanted MyActionCenter to benefit from all the powerful NationBuilder functionalities.


  • Commitment and activation of your supporters are highly boosted when you open a working space specifically dedicated to it. It's true that the interaction and building of relationships with your supporters happens in every contact you have with them, from social media to them reading your email. However, sometimes the organizers do not have enough tools to provide to users so they can engage in two-way feedback with the organization. In this day and age, it is key to curate and organize relationships, since movement-building has become fundamental to social and political organizations’ success and it needs a really close and regular working relationship with supporters. That's why we developed MyActionCenter. MyActionCenter is here to provide organizations with their own digital space, specifically designed to launch and manage movements. And it’s been successful in this endeavour. In first practical applications of the tool, we have seen engagement and activity of supporters go through the roof, and organizations achieve their goals much faster, and with deeper supporter relations than ever before. But this isn’t an unexpected outcome - it’s exactly what the app is designed to do. Running MyActionCenter means you do not have to continuously re-engage your supporters to lead them to the action you want them to do, wasting both your and their time and exerting a lot of your organizations’ energy on trying to do this at scale. Instead, you encourage the use of MyActionCenter and the supporters are actually the ones who come back again and again, eager for tasks to complete which they can manage and curate themselves.


  • People are willing to act; a case study. In our first real-life application of MyActionCenter, we worked in the second round of the presidential elections in Brazil with the candidate Fernando Haddad. We always expected MyActionCenter to do well, but even our jaws hit the floor when, within two hours, over 3,000 people signed up on the system and completed actions that the campaign had drafted. The organic growth continued exponentially for the next few days reaching more than 57,000 users before the campaign first mentioned the platform. Over the next ten days, activists performed over 250,000 actions on behalf of the campaign. Despite not having much official exposure of the tool, we could see the amazing effect of people having an official and easy place to be able to contribute and fight for their political interests, which in turn exponentially multiplied the use of the app and the recruitment of new activists down the line.


  • MyActionCenter allows the supporter to own the movement. We think that engagement is not only about organizations having tools to encourage and organize the actions of their supporters, it is also about building spaces where your supporters can go daily to collaborate and feel that they are part of the movement. It is true that we have our social media profiles and websites for this purpose, but sometimes these spaces have a very specific target group or purpose, and do not feel personally ‘owned’ like in the case of social media for example. The feeling and commitment, in contrast, that you get when you attend an organizational meeting of the volunteer actions at the headquarters of a political party or NGO is unique, and creates true loyal partners to the movement. This is precisely what MyActionCenter facilitates; it allows to encourage this commitment and make it a tangible reality by enabling you to organize your own digital space; both as a movement and its supporter. It ultimately allows you to build your own Activism's Digital Headquarters.


This is why we think MyActionCenter combined with the full potential of NationBuilder is an extraordinary tool for organizing and boosting the activism driven by your organization.

And that’s why we would love to connect with you and show you a little more about how it works and how it could help your organization. To find out more, contact us and request your Demo now.




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