Take NationBuilder to the next level: Chapter 2

Super-segmentation, Super-personalization, Super-engagement, Super-organizing.

MyActionCenter is the perfect complement for NationBuilder if your organization needs to take your activist forces way beyond where it’s currently at. MyActionCenter® is the tool for when you need to build a movement with high levels of engagement and response power.

So how does it do that? MyActionCenter helps you know your supporters much more closely - you learn about what they do, how they do it, and how they want to engage with you. With this knowledge of your supporter base, you can do better and more effective work in terms of building relationships with them and keeping the flame of activism ignited.

One of the great strengths of NationBuilder is the ability that it gives to you to collect a bunch of information about your users through the use of the automatic tagging functionality which, according to the type of contact you have with them, assigns users a set of tags. This, of course, allows you to then go and segment your stakeholders and develop more personalized and accurate actions every time, and it also enables you to filter through the database of your supporters and categorize them according to the behavioral patterns you observe. In short, this allows you to understand your supporters better and build stronger relationships with them.

MyActionCenter is built and run entirely on NationBuilder and is also intended to extend as a self-catering platform to boost and deepen engagement. The fundamental aim of MyActionCenter is to offer a super-personalized experience, acting as a foundation of the daily building of engagement with the supporters of the given organization.

All of this has led us to build MyActionCenter to operate in the following cycle of values:

NationBuilder allows you to tag your users according to the activity they perform. In MyActionCenter, the aim is for the contact with your supporters to happen daily, with which this tagging activity becomes much more intense. Users are performing different actions every day that allow us to add more and more tags to their profiles according to the ones they are completing and the information they give us (surveys, petitions, forms, etc.).

In MyActionCenter, each type of page of NationBuilder is an action that you can propose to your activists. But we have also added some of our own actions that we‘ve conceived of, which we believe are core to your digital organizing strategies, such as Self-reported actions, some more social media activities and those that we have made possible through our integration with New / Mode and Call Hub. All this allows us to go much further in getting knowledge about our activists and create a framework of segmentation of our user base in a much more accurate and productive way.

Having a greater and more refined amount of information about users allows us to offer a much more personalized experience, and with that, much more effective use of the app for the interests of both the organization and the supporter.

In MyActionCenter it’s possible to create different weekly itineraries of actions for the different groups of activists that we have using the application. Differentiated either by their level of commitment, badges earned, interests, time using the app, previous actions completed, petitions that have signed, etc. And this is very easy because each action can be available for everyone or only for those users who have a certain tag. That way we can refine the user experience in a very nuanced way, in order to connect our objectives with their needs and motivations.

Customizing the experience gradually allows us to build user loyalty with the app, but also allows us to harness it better and better with our cause, with our organization. It helps the supporters to find their place within our movement and with this, facilitate them to also own it. The level of engagement that we can achieve is estimated much higher if we can offer in each case the perfect activism model for each user.

In addition, the commitment of our supporters increases dramatically with MyActionCenter in two other basic aspects. Firstly, having your own digital space that allows you to act and connect with both the organization and other supporters makes it easier for the user to develop a sense of belonging that drives deeper engagement. Also, the fact that the contact with the app happens daily, allows keeping the activation of activism at fairly high levels and with this, have a greater facility to get response from our supporters.

MyActionCenter is an organizing tool, and the ultimate goal of it is to build a movement of followers to help us boost our organization. In this sense, our mass of supporters is complex and diverse and it can be difficult sometimes to achieve it if we do not have the necessary tools.

As we have already seen, MyActionCenter helps you to draw an accurate outline of your movement, identify different action groups, feed your needs in a personalized way and build an intense relationship with them. This is the perfect starting point to build organized and effective activity flows. To optimize resources and efforts and detect the value that emerges from a super-committed activism.


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